Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Crazy for Geometrics

Do you remember when Melbourne's Federation Square was being built?  Do you remember the criticism of the design?  All those complex geometric shapes and angles were absurd.
Fed Sqaure - image via Wikipedia

Jump forward more than a decade and the geometric design of the buildings facade is appearing frequently in modern design.

Here are some of my favorite sightings of the style;

I adore this wallpaper by Cole and Son.  It is called Circus.

Studio Cockatoo are creating gorgeous geometric prints Studio Cockatoo  like this gorgeous elephant. I have some of the Star Wars prints framed in my boys rooms, and the a utterly charming.

I have also spotted the geometric designs in fabrics and soft furnishings.  For example Cushionopoly, locally designed and crafted cushions have their take on the style


Furniture and wall art are taking on the style too.  Here's QuirkyBoxes ByRach  (follow them on instagram @quirkyboxes) and some of their products.

and finally here is a beautiful example from Boyd Blue of table lamps with an elegant geometric style.


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