Monday, 22 September 2014

Are you ready to use brass and copper in your home?

Hands up if you watch the Block on channel nine? Me too.  Have you noticed any trends in their styles?  I definitely have; Old fashioned Metals are back! Oh, and grey isn’t leaving us any time soon.

Earlier this year I went to Décor + Design and attended a trend forecasting seminar  and one of the directions was the use of metals such as Brass and Copper.  I’m not talking about a return to the 80’s; this is a subtle sophisticated trend.

The Block; Simon and Shannon's En suite featured a timber bath with a brass plug.

Take for example the plug in Simon and Shannon’s en suite bath (pictured above).  They only have that as brass (with a glaze stool to continue the story); all other fittings are chrome.  In other rooms you will also spy the theme continuing.

The Block; Michael and Carlene have used small amounts of brass in most rooms

In Michael and Carlene’s apartment we are seeing small amounts of brass in light fittings and door handles.  Further to this, the brass makes an appearance in their styling.

The Block; Chris and Jenna splurged on this beautiful copper sink for their kitchen

While I’m talking about these metals, I must mention Chris and Jenna’s copper bedroom wall and kitchen sink.  These guys have jumped onto this theme with both feet! And while the feature wall might be overwhelming, the copper sink is simply divine.

We are still seeing a lot of timber (often as paneling), warming all the grey in the interiors. It looks like grey is staying for the long haul.  While matt black metal finishes are very much of the moment (furniture legs and tap ware).

Now when you are out and about looking at interior stores, you are going to notice these trends everywhere; I do!
Here are some goodies I have been spotting in Melbourne;

Copper coffee tables at Weylandts with matt black legs
Schots have furniture featuring brass details
And I’ve slowly been adding copper and metal detail to my (and clients) homes over the last year;

This copper side table is from Freedom Furniture

Bronze Crossover lamp brings all the elements in this room together
These side tables feature matt black legs.
Porter's Paint even have "Liquid Copper" paint for re-purposing and updating existing finishes.

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