Friday, 20 June 2014

Five easy ideas for updating a room

It's true; it doesn't take a complete makeover to update a room.  Sometimes is just takes a fresh look at a room see how simple changes can be made, as it is so easy to look past to everyday and normal.  

I find it a little amusing how people have a flurry of activity and improvements when they prepare to sell their home, but can't justify making these same improvements for themselves! In the same vein; there's nothing like expecting guests to spur on a quick clean up of the house! (All the more reason to keep inviting people over I say!)... I guess it takes the inspiration of seeing the room through strangers eyes to see what needs to be done.

Here are five ideas on updating a room;

  1. Upon entering the house it always feels lovely to arrive to a pretty view; so a side table with a decorative arrangement on top is good or you could go for an over sized mirror or artwork. A jumbled pile of school bags and shoes is what we want to avoid!  
  2. New scatter cushions on the sofa will always give the living room a fresh feeling.  Changing these with the seasons also helps make the room feel inviting (think warm and cosy for the winter and cool and bright for the summer).  Try and use colours from the artwork you have in the room on the cushions to give the room a cohesive feeling.
  3. Fluffy hand towels in the bathroom and a pretty soap dispenser (think Aesop bottles!)  make a great impression.
  4. I like to look at a room as if I'm preparing for a photo shoot and style the room with "views", try it.  
  5. Pack away the clutter!  If this overwhelms you, it might be worth hiring a professional declutterer (yes these people exist!) who will help you through this process.
Lastly, please don't forget to indulge in fresh flowers and/or pot plants, as there is something about foliage indoors that is very uplifting.

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