Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Wallpaper in every room? How to use wallpaper successfully in your home.

The latest reality renovating show is currently on Australia's television screens and I can feel myself getting sucked into the story. I thought I would be watching 'My House Rules'  (link to official site) just on the 'reveal night' to keep up to date with what is going on, but as a keen interiors addict I'm now watching every night!
We recently saw the reveal of Adam and Lisa's Melbourne weather board home.  They had the brief/rule of a 'Wow Moment' in each room, use of mirrors and wallpaper and they seemed really happy with the results.

While I'm thinking about wallpaper I thought I'd share my tips on where and how to use wallpaper successfully in your home.

Tips on how to use wallpaper successfully in your home without creating overwhelming spaces;

  • Behind a bedhead. This gives you a clear direction in dressing the bed and rest of the room; the wallpaper should cement the rooms "theme" and introduce the colours, pattern and even textures you use in the room.
Interior Decorating By Sophie

  • Behind a splashback; a basic and simple kitchen design can be given a focal point my placing wallpaper behind a glass splashback
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  • Mural style; this type of wallpaper is becoming increasingly popular, particularly as it can be personalized using your own images and printed locally (a simple Google search will result in an array of opportunities)

Lisa and Adams new living room on My House Rules

  • The wallpaper you select gives you direction when selecting the colour palette to then draw you through the house that tells a story and has a pleasant flow

  • Back of cupboards/cabinets.  This can add great interest and pops of colour without needing "decorate" an entire wall.

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