Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Three tips towards deciding where to invest in your home furnishings

Making over a room doesn't need to break the bank, confident and smart purchasing are what you need.

For me it is a matter of knowing where to spend money and when to bring in the savvy purchases.

  • When it comes to soft furnishings; do be prepared to invest in the big long term pieces that need to handle a lot of wear like your sofa, carpets and rugs.

  • Then save on accent pieces that may be updated frequently (for a new look or style) or are only used occasionally, such as; cushions, throws, side tables and even (sometimes) your wall art, if you are willing to consider these elements as costume jewelry. 

  • When it comes to window furnishings, I think it is wise to spend a little more, particularly as these will come with moving parts and are subject to deterioration from direct sunlight.  Use reputable manufacturers, and use appropriate materials for the job, your interior decorator should guide you to the best choice.  

  • Oh, and while I'm on the topic, please consider using Australian made linings for your curtains and blinds as these are manufactured subject to Australian regulations regarding safe content (cheap imported linings are made of unchecked cocktails of ingredients that can leech into your room). Ask your interior decorator where their lining comes from.

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