Sunday, 23 March 2014

How to get the Loft Look, like on The Block fans v faves

The hugely popular reality television show  The Block this season has had the contestants working to the brief of creating a New York style Loft Apartment.

As we approach the finale auctions, I thought I would put together some simple tips on recreating the style:

  • Exposed brick walls.  This feature it seems, must be incorporated into the design, whether it be as a feature wall or an interesting nook.  This coupled with vintage industrial styling can be very effective.

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  • Ceiling to floor sheers (particularly charcoal coloured).  These need to bit fitted into a bulk head and then long enough that they touch the floor.  If you take a look through Pinterest you'll find this as a reoccurring style.

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  • Next you will need a either a light grey or charcoal sofa, upholstered in a linen cloth or similar. Make sure it is a deep seat with plush inviting seats and then set it off with interesting accent scatter cushions.

  • Another feature that can not be over looked is over sized modern artwork.

  • Now  add in some mid-century furniture that contrasts to the ultra contemporary furniture in the room add some large pendant lighting and you are well on your path to your own loft style apartment.

  • Oh, I haven't mentioned the use of timber to clad the walls that has been popular on The Block Fans v Faves.  I don't feel that this is particularly a look that I associate with the loft style, but if I stretch myself, I guess the use of raw materials and exposed beams will bring us to this result. 

If these images aren't credited, you will find the links to their source on my Pinterest page.

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