Tuesday, 26 November 2013

What will an interior designer and decorator do for you?

I sometimes get the impression that people think what I do is a frivolous luxury.  When instead I believe my role as an interior designer and decorator is a serious role in the design of spaces with most attention spent on considering how my client lives in the space and how it looks and feels.

Numerous times I have been invited to someones new home, whether it is a nearly completed new house, or a recently purchased older home and I often encounter design resolutions (particularly with regards to windows) that clearly have no consideration to how the client lives in the space... enormous windows in bedrooms that have limited choices in window coverings, that likely won't be able to work in with the style of the architecture, bulk heads to contain window furnishings that clearly make no allowance for the blinds or curtains to fit! I often think architects would prefer their clients had no window coverings at all... but not many people are happy to sleep in a room without blinds or curtains to help them sleep, or to have a "fish bowl" existence.  

It's not my intention to architect bash, I very much admire architects and what they are trained to do, I just think that interior designers and decorators have a different agenda and purpose.  I look at your comfort when living in the space by considering the furniture layout (by making allowance for my clients existing furnishings and planning for future pieces), enhancing focal points (whether they be architectural, art or a view), traffic flow, position of artwork, window furnishings (and how they interact with the space) and of course selection of appropriate finishes of fixtures and fittings.

Really I think it is worth the minor investment of hiring an interior designer and decorator to discuss how to decorate and use the space before you start major works of construction or purchasing expensive furnishings.  Imagine how much better your home could be with professional and experienced assistance.