Thursday, 10 October 2013

Six tips to a successful kitchen layout

  • Work triangle.  This concept isn’t new, and I mention it first as it is still a relevant design element; the work triangle points are made up between the refrigerator, stove and kitchen sink as each of these stations is frequently used in the kitchen.  It makes sense that a lot of thought is put into these being practically placed for easy access.   This goes for all kitchen shapes which are generally known as; straight, galley, L-shape and U-shaped kitchens.

  • Distance travelled between work areas and appliances; it
    follows on from the work triangle that you give consideration to how far apart the key elements on your kitchen area.
      If you have a lovely big kitchen, but you have to hike around a big island bench or kitchen table each time you would to go from sink to fridge and back, you may quickly find you have to travel some distance to prepare a simple meal and that your attractive kitchen isn’t particularly functional.

  • Rules and regulations.  Kitchen need to be practical spaces, but not only that there are some regulations when it comes to things such as safe set down areas beside cook tops as well as the size of your range hood and distance the range hood is from the cook top. There are also the type of materials used as your splashback, distance of electrical outlets from water sinks to consider etc.  As you can see, it’s important to seek professional advice when it comes to your design.

  • It goes without saying that items, implements and foods that are used frequently are placed in convenient and prime locations and making allowance for this during the design faze should not be overlooked.   For example, you might have your spices and condiments in drawers directly beside the stove so they are accessible while you are in the thick of cooking!

  • When it comes to the traffic of other people through the kitchen, it is most likely they are going to be travelling to the fridge or pantry, so they are best placed near the entry to the workspace rather than through it.  As delightful it is to have an enormous pantry, if you are having family stampede through your kitchen in search of a snack, the kitchen may not be all you dreamed it could be.

  • Finally from a practical view, when you are putting together your kitchen layout you need to consider whether you can open drawers, doors and appliances without bumping them into each other.  Also consider if the existing or new doors, windows and window furnishings will function correctly within the kitchen.

Now it’s time to start considering material and finishes selection.  This comes down to your taste and design aesthetic, budget and how you want the selections to last and wear as well as whether you require your kitchen for specialty cooking.

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