Thursday, 31 October 2013

My littlest has a birthday party... off topic I know!

My youngest son turned four on the weekend; cause for celebration as he is growing into this little person that makes me beam with pride as I watch his traits such as determination, consideration, humor and creativity develop.

As he has an interest in "things that  move" I decided to put together a Car party (not the Disney type, the homemade type!).   I also decided to be a bit creative and crafty so we had a good old fashioned party in the backyard!
Number Four cake with chocolate cars

Here's a break down of some fun ideas that you may want to try for your next party.

  • As an ice breaker I invited each of the children to decorate their own steering wheel made from a sturdy paper plate.
  • I painted a big picture of a car that was missing a wheel and the kids played "pin the spare wheel on the car"

    Pin the wheel on the car
  • We borrowed some old tyres from our local dealership (Beaurepaires) and the kids played a version of "rob the nest". I made a up story that each team of kids had a car with missing parts and they had to race each other to fix their cars by filling the tyres.  I used our Jumbo Lego (bigger than Duplo) for this game, which was chaotic but fun.
  • I had collected a couple of large cardboard boxes that
    my children and I made into "cars" for the kids to drive.  We painted them red (as red goes faster!) and used patty pan liners for headlights/tail lights and paper plates for wheels. I used jute webbing (usually for upholstery) for seat belts/shoulder straps
  • We played a version of "Giants treasure" where we put another jumbo Lego block in a tyre and I made up another story that the block was actually a replacement battery to keep in with the car theme.
  • After games, the kids sat down for party food and birthday cake (I made traffic light biscuits, wheel spoke fruit sticks, round chocolate biscuits as wheels etc.).

All the children had a wonderful time, and it was lovely to be out in the sunshine playing together.  I hope I've inspired you to get creative for your next kids party.


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