Tuesday, 20 August 2013

How a designer decorates their own home...

I have no doubt you are curious about how your favourite designers style their own space?  Are they completely conservative at home or wildly creative?  Or perhaps designers are like proverbial plumber with the dripping tap that never quite gets their own project done?  Here is a look at my place.

When it comes to my home I have surrounded myself in the colours and textures that make me feel comfortable as well as mementos and photos of good times or special occasions.  My master bedroom is painted in Dulux colour "Thermos" which is a warm caramel colour that I have complimented with a deep grey in the accents (like the tiles on the hearth and en suite and with black and white photos).    

A consistent colour through the house is green.  Whether that be the pot plants and fresh flowers that are a constant, the floral pattern on the kitchen blinds, the moss coloured walls in our fun playroom or the soft furnishings and patterned rug; Nomad Totem in the family friendly living room.  

We are renovating at the moment and I have just completed work on Mr. 6's  bedroom.  I have wanted to paint horizontal stripes somewhere for a while now and feel that his room is the ideal location.  He has a loft style bed (the perfect place for his Lego table to be stored) which I used as a starting place to align the central stripe (colour matched to the bed too) and then I brought the previously used "Thermos" colour into the room in the alternative stripes, to keep a sense of continuity which I think is very important in a home (no need to make everything feel matchy-matchy though!) 

Mr. 6 has requested an "under the sea" theme, so I have styled the room in this way with a few family treasures such as the chest a great-great grandmother used when immigrating to Australia and the handcrafted patchwork quilt made by Grandma from a collection of old checked shirts.

The effect of the room is that it feels much larger (because your eyes are drawn to the perimeter of the room by the stripes), and already a favourite room in the house. I've very happy with my paint work and would love to hear your thoughts too.


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