Thursday, 15 August 2013

Five tips to consider when designing a small bathroom

Here are some of my tips for designing a successful small bathroom;
  1. Even though your bathroom may be small, always consider the view when you enter the room when planning the layout.  It’s far better to look at an attractive vanity or freestanding tub than looking straight onto a toilet commode.
  2. Stealing space from the walls for recessed shaving cabinets, for niches in the shower to hold your shampoo or for the cistern are all useful tools.  But also look beyond the walls to the rooms behind; I have had great success taking space from a neighbouring rooms robe, or over sized guest bedroom which has resulted in being able to squeeze a separate freestanding bath tub which otherwise would not have been a consideration for a small bathroom.
  3. Call me vain, but I want to look my best when I’m in my bathroom, so I like to select light neutral toned walls that won’t make me look sallow (like a blue, green or yellow room would for example).  I then use my towels and accessories to add seasonal colour.  These are then also easy to update as trends change.
  4. Of course hiding your clutter behind cabinetry is my best tip for keeping the room from feeling crowded, so don’t overlook good storage in your mirrored shaving cabinet or under your basin.
  5. Just because the room is small does not mean you have to do away with luxuries.  Indulge in the best quality finishes you can afford, including tiles (I like to see reflective gloss finishes as they help the room to feel light and airy)… it’s not like you’ll need too many tiles in any case; it is a small room!

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