Monday, 26 August 2013

Five steps to a minimalist interior

I was recently invited to write an article about the Minimalist style of decorating; here is my interpretation of the style.

A successful minimalist interior is created by considering scale, proportion and the negative space around the elements of the room.  Fine quality finishes are a must as all the details are noted.  Furniture instantly becomes a focal point.  The materials used will need to contrast in texture (not colour); for example a highly polished floor, contrast textured walls (such as timber, stone, tile, wallpaper etc.) in a monochromatic scheme

The style is not restricted to “modern” furniture in a contemporary minimalist interior.  In fact heirloom, mid-century or simple rustic furniture can be an interesting juxtaposition to the clean lines of the interior.  You can still have a space that reflects your personality and history without filling the room with clutter.

En suite from one of my projects where the
freestanding bath and modern chandelier
overhead are the key features to the room.

My five steps to a minimalist interior;
  1. Select objects you love
  2. Choose furniture for impact; it will likely draw the eye
  3. Contrast the texture of finishes in the room to create depth
  4. Keep the colour palette monochromatic (with the option of splashes of colour for the focal point in the room)
  5. Be restrained

And that last point is key... Having a minimalist interior is an exercise in restraint; Coco Chanel’s famous quote "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory"   is perfectly relevant for this interior style.  It doesn't mean creating an empty room; it is about carefully considered selections.


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