Friday, 5 July 2013

Product launch of Horizons by Jamie Durie Signature

After The Rain 
Earlier this week I went to the launch of Jamie Durie Signature new rug collection “Horizons” for The Rug Collection.  Over three years ago Jamie released his first collection of rugs called Garden Room  which were botanical designs inspired by his favourite plants; given Jamie’s renown for landscape design this was an obvious decision. I was curious to see if this new range would continue the botanical theme.  I was delighted to see Jamie and his team have looked beyond the foreground and designed a contemporary collection of rugs inspired by and called “Horizons”.  

A custom hall runner for the designers own home
At the launch Jamie spoke of finding inspiration from his travels abroad and the changing light and colours in places such as the desert, of the ocean and of fields.  While the rugs are a simple overall effect of graduated colour, they are made by a sophisticated selection of pure New Zealand wool.  The rugs will be a beautiful foil to a modern-day home; not too plain, not too busy and gorgeous underfoot.

At the launch earlier this week
It’s always a testament to the designer when they make something they would have in their own home and in this case, Jamie has customized his design to make a hall runner over sixteen metres long for his own home. The rugs come in various standard sizes and of course I’m happy to take your inquiry about a rug for your own home.  

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