Sunday, 10 February 2013

Interior Styling Game on Instagram

I've recently joined the Instagram family, in particular I've found a way of playing with and sharing some interior styling images, just for fun! (something that I find very creative and rewarding as you will see from my previous blog entries) It has also been a terrific way to look at my own belongings and style with new eyes.

Happily, I've found my new Instagram friends to be friendly, encouraging and complimentary (which, lets be honest, is pretty good for the ego!), as well as creative, fun and inspiring. I encourage you to give it a try and join in the experience.

All you need to start is a smart phone (these images in this blog entry are all from my smart phone, but if you've got a whiz bang camera you can use it instead!) and some inspiration; which I have found through Jen Bishop (one of Australia's favorite interior design blogs) and a game called #7vignettes.

Each month Jen posts a list of seven themes, then it's up to you to interpret these through small scenes in your home that you photograph and upload to your Instagram account over the seven days.  The game is open to stylist, interior designers and anyone interested in interior decorating and design  or photography who are wanting to play along.   Even if you aren't interested in joining the game, I highly recommend viewing the gallery of thousands of images.  You can find more of my images at the following address @interiordecoratingbysophie

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